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Learn to tap into your inner power to:

Are you...

  • Think, feel and live healthy

  • Unlock your potential

  • Recognize your gifts and more fully express them 

  • Let go of self-defeating habits

  • Adopt life-enhancing behaviors

  • Put wings on your dreams and live your best life!

…Struggling with a chronic medical condition that interferes with your personal, work, and social well-being?  

…Battling to maintain a healthy weight?

…Stuck in the revolving doors of incarceration and addiction?

…Feeling the mental toll of wearing the “Super Mom” cape? 

…Stressed out by life’s uncertainties that are robbing you of your joy?

… Feeling “sandwiched” between your children and aging parents?

Welcome to The small change TOOLKIT, transformational tools to help women build and maintain a consciousness of health 

If you answered “YES” to any question above, The small change Toolkit can help!

Why The small change toolkit?

It addresses the missing piece of the health and wellness puzzle, the piece most often overlooked by individuals and providers in the healthcare industry - the SPIRITUAL ASPECT

The toolkit focuses on the principle that health is more than the absence of disease:
  • Health is the whole person - the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual well being of an individual

  • When one aspect of an individual's health is affected, the whole person is affected

  • Adressing the Spiritual Aspect of Health: 

  • Connects you to your inner power, the power to be transformed 

  • Changes you on the inside. Subsequently your physical, mental, social and emotional well-being changes, life as you experience it changes. 

  • Orients you to developing a consciousness of health by bridging the gap between knowledge, attitude and behavior:

    • You learn what it means to be healthy 

    • When you learn what it means to be healthy, it changes your attitude about health

    • A change of attitude leads to behavioral changes

    • When you know better, you do better:

    • You let go of self-defeating thoughts and behaviors

    • You adopt life-enhancing behaviors

    • Your physical, mental, social and emotional health improves as your spiritual health improves

    • Like the caterpillar that morphs into a butterfly, you begin the process of putting wings on your dreams 

The small change toolkit specifically targets women because:

  • Women are more likely to make health decisions for the family 

  • Healthy women > healthy families >  healthy communities

10 Practical reasons to try the small change toolkit:

  1. It’s a small investment that yields huge results 

  2. It requires only 3 things to get started: 1) COMMITMENT (only 30 minutes of your time each day), 2) a PEN, and 3) a NOTEBOOK or JOURNAL

  3. Investment in small change activities doesn’t compare to what you could spend in health care costs

  4. It enables you to focus on solutions rather than problems 

  5. It is transformative work

  6. small changes are easier to manage 

  7. It’s easy to chart your progress, feel a sense of accomplishment, and continue working toward your goal

  8. It reduces the pressure to be perfect; instead you learn to be the best version of you!

  9. It is based on the fact that information alone doesn’t change behavior,  interactive learning does

  10. Regardless of your present situation, it prepares you to put wings on your dreams 

Still not sure you’re ready to give the tools a try?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you understand the connection between behavior and health? 

  • Are you waiting to get sick to start thinking about your health?

  • Do you know that behavioral change is a process that begins with choices?

  • Have you set goals only to give up when you didn’t see immediate and measurable results?

  • Are you leaving the responsibility of your health to someone else? If so, do you think that someone else ever treats you better than you treat yourself?

The small change Toolkit can help!

Contact Me:

Myrtle Russell 

P.O. Box 10642

Jackson, TN 38308


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