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Myrtle Russell, Congratulations, you have successfully moved into the library space! Your book, The Stroke That Touched My Heart , is now available in Indie Tennessee, a collection of books from local indie authors available exclusively on the BiblioBoard Library mobile and web platform. This collection is available to patrons of participating libraries all across your state/region. That’s right, your book is now available with just one click of a button to thousands of new readers in your state/region!


The Stroke That Touched My Heart is a gift from God to Myrtle, Mia, and the world, a journey from crisis to healing. This is an incredible and beautiful testimony of gratitude. Thank you Myrtle and Mia for showing and reminding us of the power of gratitude in everyday miracles that we take for granted. This is an awesome and profound book of thanksgiving and praise to our indescribable Creator.


Free Your Mind and the Best Will Follow is a wonderful, insightful and instructive book for taking the steps necessary to change one's life. The beauty of it, to me, is that you don't have to be religious to understand the principles. The work necessary to make the change is easily understood and I am using it for my first Book Club Conference Call on January 31, 2013! Thanks for the great work that can help so many others.   

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The Habits Code: The Art of Mastering Your Domain


The Habits Code is a life lesson of habits, mindsets, and stories of how they have been used to change lives and achieve success.

It's more than just about habits though,  it's about:

  • Why sailing in a dead calm may teach you how to navigate your daily life

  • You need clarity for progress and success, right? Wrong!

  • The 3 things you must absolutely do to recover when you find yourself down in the drudgery of despair (whether personally or in your business)

  • Where to find the courage to continue, even when you think you can't

  • How to eliminate the thoughts that make you poor

  • Why you should never fight it when you are having a breakdown

  • Why doing less will help you produce more and reduce stress

  • Say Goodbye to unrealized goals when you make this one change

  • What to do to reach the OMG level of your brand

  • When it is ok to pivot your life, and how to reframe your mind to do it

  • The Truth about maximizing your time and energy each day

Start using these principles in your life!

"The Stroke That Touched My Heart": How Gratitude Transformed a Massive Stroke Survivor


…captures the year-long journey of Mia Russell, a 37-year-old massive stroke survivor and her caregiver mom, Myrtle. It is a stirring story of unexpected change and the transformative power of gratitude. The book chronicles how life unfolded for Mia and Myrtle one year post stroke and offers the reader:

  • 117 gratitude stories along with gratitude lessons learned by Mia and Myrtle 

  • Insight into how gratitude changes you on the inside, and when you change on the inside, life changes

  • An introduction to the power of gratitude journaling

  • Tips for anyone who has suffered a stroke

  • Tips on how to navigate the healthcare system

small change, BIG RESULTS: The Trainer’s Guide to Eliminating Childhood Obesity with Sports


Within months of releasing their first book, small change: a 28- day guide to eating, thinking, and feeling healthier the authors realized that a disproportionate number of youth are neither at their ideal body weight nor in satisfactory physical condition. Seeking big results in the fight against childhood obesity, this book ultimately spawned from the sheer desire to help others live healthier lives. Cameron and Myrtle decided to target parents, helping them find healthy alternatives to the disturbing trend of immobilization that occurs in way too many American households. The book is a tool for parents to use to infuse sports and physical activity into their child’s life by making it fun while practical, one small change at a time.

"The Stroke That Touched My Heart Gratitude Journal"


invites you to take a 117 day journey of focusing on what’s right in your life instead of what’s going wrong. It’s what 37-year-old Mia, and her mom, Myrtle, did in 2017 when Mia suffered a massive stroke and Myrtle became her full-time caregiver. It is a companion to The Stroke That Touched My Heart that introduces you to gratitude journaling. Using Mia and Myrtle’s gratitude lessons as daily prompts, you put pen to paper and write your gratitude stories. The authors know that it is in writing your stories that you begin experiencing the transformative power of gratitude journaling, one small change at a time. Mia and Myrtle are a mother-daughter duo with a story of triumph over tragedy, and a heart to help anyone experiencing life changing events or merely searching for a healthier way to cope with challenges of everyday life. 

Free Your Mind and the Best Will Follow

Free Your Mind and The Best Will Follow

helps individuals from all walks of life overcome obstacles and puts them on the road to living their dreams.  It is a book of practical strategies that helps readers unleash their inner power. Through sharing personal stories, or what the author calls her “journeys to freedom,” the step by step activities in the book address issues such as stress, forgiveness, replacing fear with faith, AND moving from victim to victor.  The strategies are based on an age-old concept: when you change the way you think, you change the way you live.

    -Carolyn, author; educator

“Someone has said, “Life is what happens when you are making other plans.”  It’s true. Everyone has some sort of baggage in their life, but it’s what you do with your problems that makes the difference.  Russell writes in chapter 2, “You’ll see that as you change the way you think, you’ll begin to conquer your fears, and when you conquer your fears, you’ll be free to fly.”  For Russell, one of those fears was to write-to-publish.  Today, she is a successful author, .leads workshops in the southeast, and encourages others in living the good life.  This book will help you find peace and fulfillment in your role as a woman.

Lorice, RN

“Once I opened the cover of this book, I could not put it down. It's an easy read with very simple activities. I have read some self-help books but this by far is the best as far as being able to relate. If you take a little time to perform the activities, the results will appear. The activities are not like finding time to go out to the gym to work out, they can be performed right at home before you go to bed or instead of watching the tv. Wonderful book!! Simply amazing!”

 - Judge’s Commentary, Annual Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards

 “When I first picked up small change, I couldn’t understand why the authors had chosen to publish it in a spiral-bound format instead of a conventional paperback.  However, when I realized that the book was full of recipes and meal plans, I thought it was an ingenious decision – the reader can fold it over to whatever page he likes and consult it while he is cooking or on the go.  I commend the authors for their practical foresight.  I also thought that small change was scrupulously well organized; it was incredibly easy for me to jump from day to day and back again, and I was pleased to see the inclusion of several explanatory prefaces.  Finally, I thought the title was wonderful-tongue-in-cheek and clever.” 

K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite

“The Stroke That Touched My Heart'' is a powerful work of inspiring non-fiction co-authored by Mia and Myrtle Russell, and self-described as the story of “How Gratitude Transformed a 37-Year-Old Massive Stroke Survivor”. In this harrowing true-life account, we hear the story of Mia Russell through a year of survival and recovery following a very serious and terribly debilitating stroke. The practice of gratitude becomes a central feature in the lives of Mia and her mother Myrtle, who had previously studied the benefits of journaling and practicing gratitude. As Myrtle takes you through their experiences, there are lessons to be learned about being thankful, even in some of the worst times that a person can live through”


“Amazing Journey. This book should be on the best seller list. Myrtle and Mia Russell lead the reader through a maze of tragedy, healing and recovery. They do this while challenging the reader to see the good in bad, and show gratitude for tragedy as well as for triumph.”


“I just finished reading Mia and Myrtle Russell's heartfelt and enlightening book.  It will help us all - highly recommended!! They take tragedy and challenge and still find a way to be thankful and find gratitude!  They are authentic, genuine, courageous, vulnerable and priceless! Oh, you will be blessed! Can't wait for what comes next!”

Maryann C. Davidson, RD, CDE

“This book gives credence to the old adage, ‘big things come in small packages.’ This concise resource contains everything needed to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle (which beats a diet anyway).  I am a client, colleague, and friend, so I know it works.”

Amy White, Real Life Christian Ministries, Chattanooga, Tennessee

“I learned about small change through my minister and participated in our church’s ‘Biggest Loser’ Contest.  What I like most about the book was the meal plans, eating five small meals a day, and the focus on moderation.  I only exercised about twice a month.  The book was very insightful and this was my first time trying lifestyle changes instead of just focusing on losing weight.  In the past I tried diets but never stuck with them, but with small change I decided to stick to it.  I weighed 235 pounds when I started the ‘Biggest Loser’ program and after 28 days I weighed 217 pounds.  I would definitely recommend the book to others.”

Wanda Roberts, Tennessee Department of Health

“What I liked about it was simplicity…(by the way, this is the biggest compliment you could ever get, I have lost 8 lbs.!!!!!!!!).  I think that by actually taking the focus off  food and concentrating on the whole person, you have created a successful plan.  I really like it.  I think one of your next steps should be small change: the yearly edition and expand it month to month to GET US THROUGH THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS!!!!!  The book makes me feel important enough to put me as a higher priority than food, and when you can do that, the rest is small change that is much easier.”

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